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Quit Smoking Naturally Using Lobelia

Even if you choose to stop smoking naturally you have to admit that there is a bumpy road ahead for anyone who is ready to take the next step. Smoking has played a long term and significant role in your life for many years, and breaking that physical and emotional tie is not something that will happen without effort and discomfort. Nevertheless, as you become more prepared to let go of an unhealthy way of living in exchange for a healthy lifestyle you can expect the process to become easier when you have natural herbal help, like lobelia.

The personal nature of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms can make quitting very difficult. Most of us investigate different therapies in order to find one that will work. If you quit smoking naturally you aren’t likely to have the side effects that you will have with NRT or medication.

For most people who are ready to quit, the body has been in touch with a nicotine addiction for years. You are planning on asking your body to stop craving something it has been fed over and over again every day for many years.

This is why it is important to quit smoking naturally with an herbal remedy that really works. For those who have tried lobelia, they find that their cravings are reduced in number as well as in intensity. Many have found that a few moments of deep breathing is all it takes to move them away from the craving and back toward a more productive lifestyle.

Lobelia gives your body what it needs to get through the cravings without causing harm like nicotine. The cravings will still exist but without the frequency or strength that most people find maddening when quitting. A few deep breaths is usually enough to get you through it. You should feel as thought your cravings are mild, like a signal from your body rather than an all out demand from your body.

You can expect your nervous system to go through some symptoms. The lobelia can soothe the symptoms within the nervous system and allow you the chance to gain control. The herbal supplements can trick your nervous system into believing that it is getting what it needs, without the same addictive nature or the toxic side effects that nicotine presents.

The emotional withdrawal of nicotine is easier to deal with when you can get the physical symptoms under control. When you are not overtaken by physical withdrawal it is much easier to remember that you do actually have choices and that you can be in control of your actions. Many people who are giving up cigarettes without help feel as though they aren’t really in control, which is why they end up buying another pack of cigarettes.

To quit smoking naturally you will have to remember that there are emotional aspects to quitting that you will have to deal with. Emotional symptoms are much easier to deal with when you are not battling the physical symptoms. Yet, when a physical symptom strikes you are likely to feel as though you have no control emotionally. Working through this with the help of lobelia makes the process of natural cessation a successful one. Successful quitting often requires help, especially natural help that can walk you through it.

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4 Responses to “Quit Smoking Naturally Using Lobelia”

  1. comment number 1 by: Rose

    Hi there,
    I wanted to know if we can purchase this lobelia that you said (there are different kinds of it, like capsules, … in Amazon) and stop smoking by ourselves? will it help?

  2. comment number 2 by: admin

    Hi Rose,

    Sorry to burst the bubble, but no, just using a supplement by itself with no education on how to successfully quit is not the answer.

    The programs that utilize lobelia come with much more than just the supplement. If it were just that easy to take a pill and quit, everyone would have done it already.


  3. comment number 3 by: Brandon

    Hi, Chris, you mention that a person would essentially have an uphill battle trying to quit using lobelia alone without some sort of program attached to it. Could you give us some links to what you feel are the top 3-5 smoking cessation programs that primarily utilize lobelia as their main ingredient?

    In the past, i’ve tried Zyban with some measure of success, then came some Sublingual tabs that were all natural and did absolutely nothing to curb my cravings. Cold turkey has never worked for me and weaning myself off of the cigarettes (and chew) only works “to an extent” then something happens and I vet stressed out and resume my 1/2 – 3/4 pack-a-day. Like I said, I generally only smoke about 1/2 a pack a day, I’ve been able to maintain this level for well over a year now. I just want something to help me over that final 1/2 a pack hurdle. I even tried Chantix worked very well as far as nicotine cravings went. However, once I reached the stage where I stopped smoking all together and began taking the Chantix twice a day the side effects were extreme (for me at least).

    I HAD to take the Chantix roughly an hour after taking something for nausea and with food. For those of you considering this route, please don’t let my assessment deter you. Chantix does work but you have to be dedicated. Taking the pill with food does not mean “a couple crackers” or a glass of milk like with most other medications. Instead, prepare to take it either with a decent sized meal or (for your 2nd dose) be sure to take it with a substantial snack or and early supper (roughly 4 p.m. or so). Chantix can make it very difficult to fall asleep so take it early. And when you are instructed to quit smoking and only take the pills be sure that you do just that. Continuing to smoke is not only extremely dangerous, but it also increases the severity of any side-effects you may be experiencing. Plus, since Chantix is meant to “fill in” the gaps that are normally reserved strictly for nicotine, your body seeing that it doesn’t have enough seating for both the Chantix and the nicotine from your cigarettes, it will begin creating MORE gaps for the nicotine and Chantix to reside in. Essentially, you are now MORE addicted than when you began the therapy.

    One other thing I didn’t care for while was taking Chantix was how it affected my sleep. I had been a T.M.A. (Trained Medical Aide) for roughly 10 years working primarily with the elderly. One of the side effects of some of the medications I came across was “vivid dreams”. Well, Chantix has a similar side effect warning, but personally I think the warning the side of the box that goes something like this: “Warning! This medication, even if you take this medication exactly as you were instructed, prepare for the worst nausea of your life. Men this is as close morning sickness you will ever have. After approximately 3-4 weeks you’ll want to be doubly sure that all of your doors are locked and the windows are closed. You will lay in bed staring the ceiling, your spouse, the walls, etc until about 3-4 a.m. Sure you could take a sleeping pill be the Chantix will have you fooled into believing that you will fall asleep AT ANY MOMENT NOW (and you don’t want to take anything that is unnecessary, do you?) Anyways, about 3-4 a.m. you will find yourself (finally) asleep. One problem though, you just stepped into some twisted version of Real Life, Freddy Krueger movies, The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Darkside and the more recent show: When Animals Attack.

    Welcome to what we like to call “vivid dreams”. While experiencing one of these unholy subconscious monstrosities of a nightmare you can expect to be more frightened than you have ever been. You probably won’t realize you actually feel asleep since in a strange turn of chance, nearly every dream begins with you rising from your bed and leaving your room. So, not only are you scared point of early wetting yourself but you also get to believe that you are still awake and this (whatever horrible manifestion “this” has decided to become) is completely real. A word of warning: generally the nightmares real life circumstances so they are completely believable. E.g. Your kids die in a house fire as you can only sit there and watch, your pregnant wife is attacked savagely by a roaming band of feral dogs, etc. etc.

    The best part of all of this is that while a good 8-10 hours worth of mental torture has gone on in Dreamland, you will most likely wake up within about 45 minutes of falling asleep with your adrenaline flowing and you heart about ready to burst out of your chest at any moment. Needless to say, you won’t be going back to sleep tonight.

    Besides smoking cessation, other benefits of Chantix include: increased productivity due to you being unable to sleep anymore, you will no longer need to worry about when you will be able to squeeze in a cardio workout since you take care of that while you sleep! Possibly a better or more frequent sex life since no one will want to sleep or be able to and t.v. sucks a 3 a.m. – what else are you two going to do? You already slept your 38 minutes for the night and the house is immaculately clean.

    Anyways, I want to try a lobelia based program. But it would have to be something I don’t have to go online everyday. Nor do I want a program that I have to do with a partner. Hopefully, someone still reads these boards and is able to reply fairly soon.

    Thank you a head of time.

  4. comment number 4 by: admin

    Hey Brandon,

    Wow, long comment :-)

    Let me see if I can address all your thoughts.

    1. Yes, just thinking you can take a pill of any type, lobelia or not, without making any other preparations is just wishful thinking…there is no magic pill!

    2. I can give you the one link to the best program that utilizes lobelia as an aid but more importantly addresses the preparation issue – . Take the time to go through the site.

    3. Based on your past product experiences, it sounds as if you were looking for the magic pill. Don’t – it doesn’t exist!

    4. Wow, that is the most in-depth description I have ever seen regarding Chantix. Based on your comments, the only thing I can say is ‘Don’t try that again’ :-)

    Hope that helps in your decision.


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