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Stop Smoking With Lobelia To Aid In Your Journey

Nothing but you can make you quit smoking. Being ready to make yourself stop is vital to your success. There are herbs that can assist you in your goal though. You can stop smoking with Lobelia, an herbal remedy.

Lobelia with give you a heavy bodied and tasty smoke. Add a calming herb to Lobelia. Get rid of Lobelia when the physical habit has eased. Replace it with a calming smoke and astringent herbs. Just know that nothing is going to taste just like tobacco. To clear out your lungs, expectorants and Mullein will help. After you are through coughing up all the stuff in your lungs, leave out the expectorants. With a flavor so light, Mullein will make it seem like you are not even smoking. Eventually, you will start to lose interest all together. Modify these steps to suit your needs if necessary.

Use herbs to help you through the withdrawal symptoms. Some of them can be made like tea. Goldenseal and Oregon Grape Root will remove the nicotine from your body more quickly. The withdrawal will not get easier but you will get through it faster. To cure the headaches from withdrawal, use Oak or Willow. Parrot’s Beak, Valerian or Skullcap is excellent to use for calming.

Once the physical aspect is gone, breaking the psychological aspect is up to you.

Several reasons to use Lobelia to quit smoking are: Control the amount used by smoking it, it is an effective sedative and muscle relaxer, boosts the immune system and acts as an expectorant. One important note though. Do not mix this herb with other sedatives or alcohol.

When used correctly and for a short time span, you will not become addicted to Lobelia. Lobelia has lobeline in it which can also be found in nicotine chewing gum. Lobeline deceives your body by making it believe it is nicotine. This is possible because lobeline and nicotine are alike is shape. The nicotine receptors in your body act as if you have smoked a cigarette when you have not because lobeline fits easily into these receptors.

Lobelia is powerful so remember that. If you are going to drink it, use one teaspoon for every half gallon of water combined with other herbs. If you are going to smoke it, use a pinch in combination with a bag of herbs. Using too much Lobelia will make you vomit. If you use too much but do not vomit, you can go into respiratory failure from the tranquilizing effect. It is hard to reach this point because you will feel awful for significant amount of time before it becomes hazardous.

Use Lobelia to achieve your goal of being smoke free. The alternative, calming, expectorant and nicotine imitation makes this herb popular. When making your mix, use a tiny pinch of Lobelia. Add more as necessary till it satisfies your craving. If the combination is too powerful lightheadedness, dizziness and nauseous will set in. It is the same thing that occurs when smoking a cigarette after going without for awhile.

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