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Seek Medical Advice Before You Quit Smoking With Lobelia

To break the habit of smoking is not as easy as everyone thinks it is as most people have tried time and again and always return to the habit but now you can try and quit smoking with lobelia. Your nicotine craving remains with you for the rest of your life and it is not the actual cigarette that you crave it is only the nicotine which has a hold over you.

Lobelia which is a natural herb belonging to the family lobelia inflata produces the same effect as nicotine would and there have been reported cases where this herb has helped people quit the habit. The dried leaves and flowers are used from this annual plant which has a rather strong smell and when chewed tastes the same as tobacco and also increased salivation in the mouth which is caused by the burning acrid taste.

This herb is known to be very toxic and should only be used for six weeks maximum and one also needs to strictly adhere to the stipulated <200mg dose which needs to be taken three times a day with a big glass of water after you have eaten as there have been incidences where people have suffered from stomach cramps. You can buy lobelia in the form of tablets, liquid, capsules and lozenges.

Because lobelia is similar to nicotine it has an effect on the central nervous system and it also acts as a relaxant as well as dilates the bronchiole which in turn increases respiration. Lobelia is used for asthma, muscles spasms, bronchitis and used to induce vomiting as well as used as an anti smoking agent.

There are some serious side effects when taking lobelia which could cause one to have palpitations, coughing, acute heartburn, seizures, stomach cramps, excess sweating as well as tremors and dizzy spells should this occur see your doctor right away.

When one takes a high dose of lobelia you will experience a slow respiratory and pulse rate and on a low dose you will experience a much higher pulse and respiratory rate. One of the worst side effects which can result in death is muscle paralysis and respiratory depression and the person’s blood pressure will increase quite considerably.

If you decide to try lobelia under no circumstances use any other nicotine therapy. Should you experience any of the symptoms mentioned stop the tablets immediately and see medical attention. Do not allow children or pregnant women to take this medication. There is also no long term data available that is why one should not six weeks.

One will note that lobelia also falls under the names of Indian tobacco, eyebright, gag root and many other names and the brand names that this herb falls under is Lobelia capsules and Lobeline lozenges as well as Lobelia extract and Lobidram capsules. Lobelia should not be taken for granted because it is a herb be cautious when trying to quit smoking with lobelia and it would be in your interest to consult a professional beforehand. Smoking does cause serious health problems and it would be wise to quit.

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2 Responses to “Seek Medical Advice Before You Quit Smoking With Lobelia”

  1. comment number 1 by: Deanna

    I noticed that in this article you state, “…one also needs to strictly adhere to the stipulated 2mg dose [of Lobelia] which needs to be taken three times a day…” — which would equal 6mg per day, maximum dosage.

    I thought it important to note to readers, that according to the label on the Smoke Deter pill bottle, there is 185 mg of Lobelia in each pill.

  2. comment number 2 by: admin

    Thank you Deanna.

    Looks like there was an error in formatting when posting that article. It was supposed to read \”<200mg\".

    I have changed it in the post.

    Thanks again for the sharp eye.


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