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Don’t get us wrong.  We aren’t trying to discredit hypnosis.  It’s great for relaxation and calming techniques, but it isn’t the instant magic cure for a lot of things it claims to be.

Hypnosis is not expensive to acquire on the internet, so don’t pay buckets of money for a program or hundreds of dollars to a local hypnotherapist.  You can buy stop smoking hypnosis CD’s all over the internet for $5-$25 – and lose weight – and become a top salesman – and have a better sex life…  You get the picture?

If you can buy a solution to a hugely expensively problem so cheaply, can the sellers of it really believe it has the effectiveness it claims?

As we said before, buying a cheap or free program will probably end up costing you way more than you imagined when it doesn’t work.  Is that what you want?

Our final thought on hypnosis.  Most people don’t believe that they can be hypnotized in the first place, so you must ask yourself – do I believe it?  If you don’t, then there is no way it is ever going to work, so don’t waste your time and effort.

If you believe in hypnosis, then give it a try, but don’t expect miracles.


  • Can be had cheaply

  • Relaxing


  • Most people don’t believe

  • No support system

11 Responses to “Hypnosis”

  1. comment number 1 by: Shannon

    I’m not a hypnotist, but I do make a living creating and selling subliminals. Subliminals and hypnosis are cousins, although each works to a different degree with your waking awareness.

    I’d like to point out that hypnosis works very well, when it is performed by a skilled and competent hypnotist, and when the person undergoing hypnosis cooperates. If hypnosis fails to work for a person it is ALWAYS because there was a lack of sufficient cooperation. That may be because the hypnotist wasn’t skilled enough, or because the hypnosis was resisted out of disbelief, fear of the unknown, fear of control, whatever. But get to the hypnagogic state, in which hypnosis takes place, and the results are there.

    The reason I decided to get into subliminals instead of hypnosis is because it’s easier. It’s easier because I can create a script, refine it until it’s perfect, and then record it. It’s easier for the user because they don’t have to listen to the same speech over and over… eventually, most people will get bored and stop responding as well to the hypnotic induction if they have heard the exact same thing several times before. With subliminals, you don’t have to worry about that because the speech is only discernible by the dreaming mind (the so-called “subconscious”).

    The way I make my subliminals, my users have the choice between listening to the ocean surf or ultrasonic subliminals that are effectively silent. There is nothing to get bored by, or annoyed with. I also make my programs specifically to work for people who are normally resistant to hypnosis.

    There’s a lot of controversy about whether or not subliminals work. The answer is that properly made and properly used, they work extremely well. Case in point, my mother smoked from the age of 13 to the age of 63, fifty years. She tried everything she could get her hands on to quit during that time. You name it, she tried it — even subliminals. (That was before I was building my own.) Nothing worked for more than a couple weeks.

    I spent three years researching what made these all things she tried fail, and trying to build a subliminal that would succeed. With the help of feedback my testers and friends, I am pleased to say I did it. When I finally gave my mother a copy of my program to use (because I knew she would only try to use it once), we set it up on her stereo in her bedroom and left it playing on loop mode so she would be exposed to it as she slept each night.

    I was more than half expecting it not to work, because honestly, my mother is as stubborn as they come. But eight weeks later she informed me that she was no longer wanting to smoke, and simply didn’t smoke anymore after that. Total effort spent: 3 minutes setting up the CD. She has been smoke free for eight months now.

    I asked her if she gained weight. She told me she gained 10 pounds. Nobody else who has used the program has reported gaining that much weight; most people gain between 0 and 6 pounds, and usually they find it easily comes off within a few months. My mother has lost the weight.

    I asked her if she has cravings. She told me she does want a cigarette sometimes, but never does she want one even remotely enough to start smoking again.

    She also exhibited no anxiety or irritability when she quit.

    She is not the only person to quit after using this same program. My ex fiance quit smoking in 4 weeks of use, and has been a non-smoker for three years now. In fact of all the feedback I have gotten from Version 3.0, which is the current version, only two people have failed to quit smoking in 8 weeks of use or less. One failed to quit because he refused to use it. They other went from two packs a day to 1-3 cigarettes a day, and was still dropping last report.

    So you see, subliminals and hypnosis can and do work. It just requires that they be implemented and used properly. There may be no magic pill, but the program I created is the closest thing I have ever seen to one. In fact it’s so easy to use that people don’t believe it could possibly work. I know my mother certainly didn’t, when she started using it.

    By the way, belief is not required for either subliminals or hypnosis to work, as long as they are implemented and used properly. What hypnosis fails on a lot is that people don’t cooperate. There is a lot of resistance to cooperating based on fear of the unknown and fear of being controlled or losing their free will. Since all hypnosis is self hypnosis, these fears are unfounded.

    But then, you’d know all this if you bothered to do a little research. And since you obviously didn’t, that makes your methods, and your picks, suspect.

  2. comment number 2 by: admin

    Hi Shannon,

    Great information. Thanks. I am sure it will help many.

    I do take exception with your last statement though as I had done hands on research into hypnosis by attending one of the \’mass\’ events where hundred of people are hypnotized as well as a private small group session.

    The thing that bothered me about both of these is that in both cases the hypnotists didn\’t seem to believe in what they sold people either. And that is that they promised you would stop smoking in 30 minutes guaranteed. Yet, at the end of both \’sessions\’ – which we paid for – we were told that in order for the hypnosis to be REALLY effective we need to buy these \’special\’ upsell recordings to listen to at home. And if we did not, the success rate would not be guaranteed.

    Excuse me? Didn\’t you sell me the stop smoking in 30 minutes package in the first place? And now you want me to spend more to make sure that it worked. If the hypnotists don\’t believe, then how are the clients supposed to?

    The programs I recommend don\’t send you their package and then try to get you to buy the \’special\’ ingredient to REALLY make it work after the fact. No, they expect you to quit as you said, by co-operating and believing.


  3. comment number 3 by: Shannon

    I can certainly understand your reaction. I think too much emphasis is placed on the “instant” aspect of hypnosis, though, when hypnosis works at different speeds for everyone. Putting too much emphasis on making money from the product, obviously, is not a good thing.

    I apologize for the harshness of my final statement. I did try to come back later and change it.

    I have been working on my own program, and I have turned it into a six stage set of programs that are to be used one stage every 2 weeks, for a total of 2 weeks. I’m looking at how you rated your programs, and I see that support is a big one. I have a forum attached to my website, and was thinking that I could have a support forum for smokers who are trying to quit using my program. What is your opinion of that as a form of support? I am not sure how I would offer support otherwise, but I would definitely like to do so somehow. Although, I don’t really think it will be needed… so far the only people who have not quit effortlessly have either refused to use it, or have refused to follow the directions. And the numbers just keep growing.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  4. comment number 4 by: Jamie

    All I know is that my Dad was a two pack a day smoker from age 14 up until around age 45, and after seeing a hypnotist one time (one-on-one session) he never smoked again. He said that he’s never had a craving for a cigarette since then, and that the idea of even having one disgusts him. And he’s a math professor – not exactly the type of person you would expect to believe in hypnosis.

  5. comment number 5 by: admin

    Hey Jamie,

    Great to hear your dad is smoke free after 30 years.

  6. comment number 6 by: Nancy Green

    I have tried to quit smoking several times. I quit for four years with the patch. I quit for a year with Chantix. I recently tried chantix again, since I started smoking, and I had problems with it (nausea and vomiting).

    I was referred to a hypnotherapist that came highly recommended. I have been hypnotized years ago, and am not afraid of hypnotherapy. My husband and I both went. Four hours later I was smoking again, as was my husband.

    The hypnotherapist said I should come back, that I need further therapy, so I am going back. I asked her if I should order some of the Smoke Deter to aid with my cravings, but she said she was sure she could help me to not smoke without other aids.

    I am going back. Hope it helps!

  7. comment number 7 by: admin

    Good luck Nancy. Hope it works this time. If not, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate supplementing the hypnosis with another product if you think it would help you quit.

  8. comment number 8 by: Gerri Levitas

    I am a Certified Hypnotherapist in private practice. I have helped hundreds of people become smoke free – naturally, and without cravings. In my practice, we see most changes between 3-6 sessions. While hypnosis is extraordinarily effective, it is not a magic bullet. It takes a bit of time, as we are reprogramming the negative subconscious blocks that are getting in the way of our success.

    The goal is always to make the changes lasting and permanent. I am in gratitude as I report that my success rate is about 85%, and that these folks have remained smoke free for at least one year.

    My suggestion is to find a respected hypnotherapist in your area – and ask lots of questions! The mind is very powerful – and amazing things happen when we get out of our way.

  9. comment number 9 by: admin

    Hi Gerri,

    Thank you for that reply. Believe it or not, we have been waiting YEARS for that answer. The fact that you say it takes between 3-6 sessions makes your claims thoroughly believable. I believe you will have great success with that. The claims we refute are the ones saying one session, half an hour, and you are free that lacks believability.

    Thanks again for your comment.

  10. comment number 10 by: Lucy Quigg

    Could you please send me info on subliminals CD that you talked about?

  11. comment number 11 by: admin

    Hi Lucy,

    The product that we recommend that uses subliminal therapy is the End the Habit program.

    It can be found here:


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