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To be perfectly frank, this isn’t a rating or recommendation for CigArrest, but a warning. It appears that CigArrest has a lot, and we mean a lot, of complaints with the BBB, and many others.According to reports, you are sent a free month long sample before committing to buy more (shouldn’t a month be long enough to quit anyway?). Then people are finding their credit cards charged for anywhere from $99 to $227 in the most extreme case we found.  These are just some of the complaints we have seen:

Upon trying to return or cancel any subscription, subscribers are finding road block after road block. Not encouraging to say the least.

Our advice? Steer way clear of these guys and purchase from one of our recommended reviews instead.

61 Responses to “CigArrest”

  1. comment number 1 by: Carol James

    Thanks for letting everyone know about this scam! I almost fell for it myself; I was on MyLife, a social site, when I saw a bit that said “1 year for free! see how!” I clicked on it, the catch is to click on one of their offers and complete it. Guess who’s on the list!?
    Anyway I DID read the fine print, THANK GOD, and got out of there ASAP.
    I googled Cigarrest and read a LOT of complaints. Avoid this company at all costs.

  2. comment number 2 by: admin

    Hi Carol,

    Yep. We haven’t found anything good about the company. I like your advice, just ‘stay away.’


  3. comment number 3 by: Jennifer

    I saw a commercial on tv for this product, went to the website and wondered ok, what’s the catch, there isn’t any explanation as to how and when they do actually charge. I googled “cigarrest reviews” and found all this negative info on them…THANK YOU!

  4. comment number 4 by: admin

    No problem Jennifer. Glad we could be of assistance. Stick with our top reviewed products and you will be okay. Never heard of a complaint yet.


  5. comment number 5 by: Melissa

    Cigarrest DOES NOT work and they tell you they have cancelled you and stiil bill you!!

  6. comment number 6 by: admin

    Yes Melissa. You are correct. That is precisely why we have the warning. Thanks for backing up our claim so that other people get warned.


  7. comment number 7 by: Steve


    I actually feel sorry for CigArrest team. I think CigArrest needs to buckle up the shoes and should work your way out of this………

  8. comment number 8 by: admin

    Yes Steve, they should work their way out of this and I really hope they do.


  9. comment number 9 by: Roger Clary

    we the people must stand up our selfs our Goverment will not , companys due not do what they say any more so false and mis-leading statements cost big bucks to hire a attoney to firght them , so if you want to share that cost lets make a team that can stop these wrong doing of these company’s Thinks for reading

  10. comment number 10 by: SHANNON

    Well I for one did not read or research this and I will never make this mistake again. They are incredible to deal with and yes this is a Total Scam. I have notified my CC co and I am sending the product back for refund(un opened)never did use it at we shall see how long this takes.but my CC co says that if I do not get a refund in 30 days from shipping date that they will force a charge back on them. so it shouldn’t take more then 30 days……buyers beware

  11. comment number 11 by: Steve Austin

    Please share these types of information in the reviews website as well. I have started exclusively for CigArrest. I want them to know the exact feedback of their CigArrest products so that at least they can improve their customer service and also their turn around time.

    Steve Austin

  12. comment number 12 by: admin

    Hi Steve,

    I see on your site, you have a small blurb on the \’Cigarrest Scam\’ but it is very superficial and addresses the efficacy of the product. If you were to read the scam warning on our site you would see that it in fact does not deal with the effectiveness of the product whatsoever, but rather the fact that Cigarrest has multiple complaints filed against them for charging customer\’s credit cards after signing up for a free trial.

    The fact is that I thought maybe the company had indeed turned itself around as you keep intimating, so I did a search. Lo and behold, there are consumer complaints from this month and last. So their business practices seem not to have changed at all. Sorry, the warning still stands.


  13. comment number 13 by: Rathna

    Hi All,

    Here everyone talks about their customer support and how they charged but no one speaks about their product. Can anyone say how the product is? whether it helps to quit smoking or not?

  14. comment number 14 by: HARRIS


  15. comment number 15 by: admin

    Hi Harris,

    Thanks for your input. Sorry to hear about your experience.

    Yes, there are honest companies left. And you\’ll find them in our recommended products list. I hope you give one of them your business. They\’ll earn it.


  16. comment number 16 by: Crystal

    I got scammed by this company! I bought into the one month supply and was sent three and charged for three more. I turned it into my credit card company and denied the charge. Then I called the company and told them they had no right and to cancel my account immediately!!!

  17. comment number 17 by: Helyn

    My husband called for the free trial offer. $9.95 shipping & handling. He is 80 yrs old & they did not tell him he had to call within 12 days or he would be charged for future deliveries. His charge account showed a 99.95 charge 12 days later.
    Noone answers your call. I reported fraud to the credit card company, however if you can’t reach anyone in person, the charges keep showing up.

    This company should be sited for elder abuse & shut down

  18. comment number 18 by: Bruce

    I used this product twenty years ago in 1989 to stop smoking 2-packs a day. There was no 30 day supply gimmick. I bought it over the counter at a drugstore. It came with a cassette tape for support and encouragement (that I never used), and 5 pills to be taken once a day. By the third day – third-pill, I was completely rid of smoking. No urges, no withdrawals, no side-effects, no after-dinner or drinking sensations – nothing. Great product!

    For whatever reason it was taken off the shelf, I have not seen or heard of the product again until today. Only now you can only buy it in a 30-day supply. Same name, only now I am thinking its a different product from twenty years ago.

  19. comment number 19 by: Mark

    I too fell into the cigarrest scam and they billed me twice to my debit card for 106.90. I closed my debit card account and am disputing the charges. I was to only pay shipping and handling which amounted to 2.95, and they took that too. This company should be shut down and I am working to see that through. 90 day “risk free trial”. Done screwed with the wrong fellow. I hate lyers and cheats. You try to help yourself to get off of a nasty habit and you got a company stealing from you. What comes around goes around…..and I will get my money back.

  20. comment number 20 by: admin

    Thanks for your input Mark. Appreciate you letting us know this is still happening.


  21. comment number 21 by: Cowboy

    Chris, et al -

    Advice in the use of subscribing “risk free trials” where you may be interested in using the product in the future but are unsure of the possibility of difficulties in being able to cancel:

    MOST credit card companies, when accessing your account ONLINE, allow you to create a one-time, limited time or “funds”-limited account number that is *not* the same as your Real account number, but is linked to your charging account.

    For example, you are interested in trying the CigArrest product.
    #1. find out the TOTAL charges for delivery of the free trial period.
    #2. go to the customer services section of your credit card company online account.(that’s where it is on the Chase online site, as I recall).
    #3. create a temporary credit card charge number, to include a maximum amount which can be charged on the temp # and where a user specified expiration date in selected.* After creation, a CVV# will also be shown.
    #4. go to the website for the product in question, order as usual but input your temporary card information instead of your regularly used permanent number off your credit card.

    Of course, after this initial charge is made and “free trial” is delivered you can cancel your temporary card number.**

    If you are still interested in using the product after the free trial, contact the company’s customer service number and provide them with another credit card number.

    * Depending on the credit card company you may be not able to OR may be able to CHANGE the expiration date of the temp credit card information, and other assundry options such as: temporarily suspending the account # from use, but keeping the number; or, changing the one-time charge amount (limit of $ amount per transaction), daily limits, etc.

    ** Once you cancel the temporary credit card number- – it is *GONE*.

    NOTE: I only provide this information for your consideration and not a guarantee of the sevices Chase or any other credit card/bank may offer now or in the future. [Although Discover Card also does do this as well, I know.]

    This is only my personal experience!


  22. comment number 22 by: admin

    Hi Wade,

    Wow. That\’s some detailed information. And helpful too.


  23. comment number 23 by: Cindy


    I saw an ad on TV for Smoke Remedy. What is your review of this product. I have tried the nicotine replacement to quit to no avail.


  24. comment number 24 by: admin

    Hi Cindy,

    Have looked at their product list and all looks well, but have not had any reviews done of it yet.

    Please let us know if you order and how it worked for you.


  25. comment number 25 by: Angel

    I ordered this product 6+ months ago & I was only billed the $9.95…that was it, nothing more. I just started using the product (finally!) & it’s working out just as it says it does. I don’t feel scammed at all….and believe me, I am usually one that has PLENTY to say about this kind of thing & know how it feels to be scammed/taken advantage of. I was very hesitant to purchase it, and really didn’t have much hope in the product nor the company….but well…I guess, for once, I’m a believer!

  26. comment number 26 by: admin

    Thanks for letting us know Angel. Good to hear this kind of thing.

  27. comment number 27 by: jessica

    My hubby ordered this from tv and he followed the directions and it does not work at all! It was a HUGH waste of $$$ PLUS they took money from our account with out telling him about it over the phone. There is so many lies in the commercial that every time i see it i wanna puke! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!

  28. comment number 28 by: admin

    Thanks for the tip Jessica.

  29. comment number 29 by: Becky

    Thanks for the reviews. Saw the commercial and thought we might try this. Will not use this product. Again, many thanks for the warnings!

  30. comment number 30 by: Jennifer

    I heard the ad on the radio and called. I gave them my information and told my friend at work the next day what I did. He told me it was a scam. So I called to cancel. After being on hold for over an hour I spoke with a man that was SO RUDE… he was yelling at me and asked me why I didn’t want it… I told him that I just don’t want to spend my money. He then said that that wasn’t a good enough answer… I then became loud and said let me speak to your manager. He then said the phone number to cancel my request so fast… luckily I had pen and paper in hand because he said it once and hung up on me. Then after I called the next number being on hold for another hour.. I finally got it canceled. To much of a hassel!!!!

  31. comment number 31 by: Dana

    I am surprised and saddened to read all the negative comments about Cigarrest. I bought this at a CVS in Dec of 1989 and followed all the instructions. It worked for me. I smoked almost 3 packs a day and was at the end of my rope after trying several expensive treatments which all failed. Cigarrest, at $18.95 over the counter worked for me. I had no relapse and never looked back after starting the program. I have been smoke free for almost 22 years. It disappeared soon after and only recently have I found it again. Perhaps this is a different company. It was a great product that worked but now it looks like a bunch of greedy money grubbing yuppies now control it. To bad, I hope the US Attorney nails them soon.

  32. comment number 32 by: admin

    Hi Dana,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Perhaps you are correct as this is a different company now as I don’t believe you can purchase it over the counter.

    We must rely on the word of folks who post their recent experiences as to whether they have cleaned up their act.

  33. comment number 33 by: admin

    Thanks for the heads up Jennifer.

  34. comment number 34 by: Thomas

    Bought Cigarrest in 1986. Had been a 2-pack-a-day smoker for 35 years. I listened to the cassette and read the material provided and did not use their gum – haven’t touched a cigarette since 01/23/86. It used to work, with or without the gum.

  35. comment number 35 by: admin

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your thoughts, and glad you beat the habit.

    From what others have said, it appears that the companies may be different or different owners since you quit with them, however I will let others clarify these facts.

  36. comment number 36 by: Lyman

    I also had to call phone # , 3 different times because every time I turned around , I was on a different “WEB” site.[CIGAREST}-{CigArest}-{CiggArrest}-{CigArrest}-about CigArest-. All of my recalls , told me to stay with Cigarest-Web site-That Web Site won’t let me stay there , including my trial order.

  37. comment number 37 by: Lyman

    Which means , if it is not on Cigarest order form , your “Trial- Offer” , is not a trial offer-”You” bought it.

  38. comment number 38 by: Mildred

    I, too used this product many years ago. Because it was no longer available I thought that Nicorest have changed the name to make more money. But low and behold it is back out under it’s original name but could not be the same product which worked very well. It’s a shame that so many companies rip you off. The old product would make millions and leave the competion in the sand.

  39. comment number 39 by: Leslie

    I could swear the product I used back in the mid to late 80′s was cigarette filters. If I remember correctly they were 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 finally that you attached to your cigarette and received decreasing amounts of nicotene from your current cigarette. It worked like a charm! You became used to the decreasing amounts and the withdrawal was very gradual. It taste good because it was your brand. At the end of the month or two or whatever it was much easier beating a 1/4 withdrawal than a full cigarette. I also listened to the tape and it was inspiring(I know it sounds cheesy). It worked 100%. I started back 10 years later and have tried everything. What I am reading is very dissappointing. Anyone know of any info on a product similar to what I described? Wasn’t this cigarest? I dont remember pills or gum or any of that. If it was included, I only used the filters and the tape. Please help if you know, my family would greatly appreciate it (me also)!

  40. comment number 40 by: admin

    Hi Leslie,

    Hadn’t heard of that before. But perhaps somebody will remember.


  41. comment number 41 by: Michael fisher

    hello i just wanted to add to this report i did try the supposid free trial of cigarrest it was about a year ago. so i gave my credit card info and supposed to be a free trial right they wiped my bank account out with if i remember right a $250 withdraw. so i called immediately and they said it was a computer error that they signed me up for a life time supply??? now why would anyone need a life time supply they are a big ripoff.

  42. comment number 42 by: admin

    Thanks for your thoughts Michael.

  43. comment number 43 by: Teri

    I also used the product back in 1989. I bought it over the counter for a very little money. my husband and I used it and haven’t smoked in 22 years . best money we ever spent. they also had vitamins you could use along with the pills if you wanted . we bought those as well. sounds like either this is different stuff or just greed got in the way of a good product that would help people get the monkey off their backs.

  44. comment number 44 by: charlee

    i did the same thing and i wanted to know how to stop it

  45. comment number 45 by: rollin64

    i ordered the free 30 day supply and they upgraded me to 90 days. i’ve had no extra charges and i’d like to thank cigarrest for giving me their free sample to try an quit smoking.

  46. comment number 46 by: admin

    Thanks for the information. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  47. comment number 47 by: handydude

    I ordered the Cigarrest program from a late night info show. payed 7.00 for shipping and they said i would stop in three days to a week. it was a 1 mo free trial then pay per mo. so i did the program and quit in exatly three days and have never gone back that was 5/17/05 did the program for two weeks and then stoped it as well. called them befor the 1 mo time was up and informed them that it worked as stated and i would not need any more. they did not charge anything else on the account. if asked by anyone i would recomend it if u want to realy quit. but as with anything else you haft to realy want/apply your self. if i rember i payed by check so they couldnt do miss/extra charges. but eather way it worked and they did what they said they would.
    owe them my thanks for they free program It Worked for me!

  48. comment number 48 by: admin

    Thanks for letting us know. Good idea to pay by check. Perhaps they have made changes, which would be good to see. Hopefully others can comment.


  49. comment number 49 by: Annie

    I used Cigarrest in the early 1980′s & I quit smoking for 11 years. I did not use any of the products except for the cassette that came with the package. It was the cassette info that did it for me. I must have listened to it 100 times. They supply a CD now but say it is not the same so….I am now looking for the old 1980′s cassette with smoking info on one side & inspirational/motivational info on the other side. I am quitting again (lol) and would like to uses it again. Would anyone like to part with their old cassette???

  50. comment number 50 by: bk2158

    hasn’t anybody ever heard of paying for this kind of suff with a prepaid debit card???? honestly, some people just create thier own problems out of just sheer stupidity

  51. comment number 51 by: Tracey Whitehead

    This company tells you that they will send you 30 days but they send you 90 and charge you for it. They do not get permission to do so and they charged me 89.99 (which is a different # than others have complained about). I paid with a prepaid debit on purpose and this still happend. They are scam artist and they are good at it. Horrible company do not buy anything from them!!

  52. comment number 52 by: tamara

    I ordered the “free trial” before I read all these. I have since canceled my cc. Hopefully, that will prevent any future charges or frustration that others have had to endure. I would like to know if anyone was able to quit or if there were any side effects. I am so desperate to quit and I have tried everything else.

  53. comment number 53 by: cindy

    A friend of mine tried this product about 10 yrs ago and after 3-4 days he had no yearning for a cigarette. This product they have on the market must be a substitute or a fake. Now that I see all these blogs I do no think I will try it

  54. comment number 54 by: Sandy W.

    I was just about to order when I found this site. Thank god I didn’t make a big mistake. Thanks everyone. :) )

  55. comment number 55 by: gary

    I’m glad I seen this site! I was just about to order and something told me to see if this company was legit. Guess they won’t be getting my business! Thanks guys and gals.

  56. comment number 56 by: chris

    first of all anytime u have to give a credit card number for a free product would be the first clue of a scam. if it is free why would they ask for the card number. i would laugh in there face if some1 ask me for credit card for a free product.

  57. comment number 57 by: admin

    Good point!

  58. comment number 58 by: V. Townsewnd

    I have had over $300.00 taken out of my account after I cancelled myu order, then they turn around and send me a new order. Whast is wronge with this company? I have told everyone that ask me about this company, do not order, unless they want their account wiped out… V. Townsend

  59. comment number 59 by: V. Townsewnd

    They ask for the credit card #, because you have to pay for s/h to get the free 30 days. Which does not turn out to be free, because as the lady said earlier, they give you 30 days for just s/h, but send you 90 days and start taking the money out each month without any further notice. The company is a rip off.

  60. comment number 60 by: Debbie

    I also got cigarrest for my husband, about a month later, they started taking $99 out of my account. Also, every other week, there $9.95 taken out of my account from all kinds of companies like slim something or other. I have to call them. They must also sell your account # and information.

  61. comment number 61 by: gina banks

    I oredered the trial and have been charged at leats 100.$ this is a rippoff do not buy this they keep charging even when you cancell the product!!

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