Independent Reviews of the Top Stop Smoking Methods – don’t attempt to quit smoking without reading this first

How to Quit Smoking

It’s not as hard as you think!

It’s a shame for you to struggle with your smoking habit – when quitting could be so simple…

Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking!

Now it is just a question of finding the right method. With so many programs, and so many claims out there, it can be difficult to decide which method to use.

We have reviewed the top stop smoking methods to find the best and most effective. So take a bit of time to look at them and decide which will work best for you.

Then pick one of them!

Remember, you will NEVER quit if you keep putting that decision off. Decide TODAY that you will take action. Decide today, to order a program, and then use it wholeheartedly.

This is not the time for procrastination. You have made it this far – you know you need to stop, and you know that you need help to do so. Now take the next step, take ACTION.

You will be surprised to discover that with the right program and the right support, it is actually a lot easier to stop smoking than you were led to believe. But you HAVE to pick a program that works.

Which is why we have put these reviews together for you.

Oh, and one word about cost. All of these programs (except cold turkey) will cost you money. Don’t be put off by that. What matters is not how much they cost, but DO THEY WORK?

Whatever the cost, if they are successful in breaking your habit, they will easily pay for themselves in a month or two, just by the money you save by not buying cigarettes.

But if they don’t work, the real cost is not the price of the program, but the months or years of smoking you will do before you try again. And that will be many times the price of even the most expensive method.

So, forget the price. Focus on the effectiveness. Which one will work for you? Decide. Then buy it. And use it.

Do it now, today, before the moment passes.

How Have We Done Our Reviews?

We have reviewed each program for not only what they offer, but whether their claims are founded in reality or just advertising hype. Along with the product reviews, we have also analyzed their fine print as it applies to guarantees and returns so there are no surprises if you don’t think the offerings are for you.

You’ll notice that we favor stop smoking programs that do not use conventional offerings such as nicotine replacement products and pharmaceuticals. This is because they have less than a 10% long term success rate.

We also review a few ‘instant’ smoking cessation methods but again they don’t rate very high on our long term success chart as they are seriously lacking in education and support – and at times believability.

Our investigations begin by looking at the information and education that each program provides as this is the most important aspect of any stop smoking program. Without the proper information to help you quit, no pill, patch, or aid will ‘make’ you quit.

Then we analyze the type of cessation aids each program uses or recommends – making sure that the herbal formulation contain the known ingredients that WILL help you to quit smoking. Herbal formulations have the ability to mimic the effects of nicotine without being addictive. Plus, they also have the added benefit of making cigarettes taste bad. Keep in mind what we said about information and education though – no cessation aid will make you quit. Education still takes precedent over any aid as the more you know about quitting, the more successful you will be.

Finally we take into account each program’s guarantees and fees. Again, we must stress that the cost of a program is a pittance compared to smoking, so cost should be the least of your considerations. This applies to the guarantees as well. As long as the guarantee gives you enough time to evaluate the program or product without risk, then that should be adequate.

Do not judge a program on the length of its guarantee, even if some promise your money back three months later if you don’t quit. If your buying considerations are based on whether you get your money back if you don’t quit, then maybe you are not quite ready to quit. Remember a money back guarantee is only good if you fail to quit. If you make your buying decision based on the guarantee, then really you are already planning to fail!

First make sure you really want to quit. Then choose the program that most appeals to you. They will all work – some just better than others.

Go into it with the determination to succeed, and you will find it a whole lot easier than you expect!

183 Responses to “How to Quit Smoking”

  1. comment number 1 by: Sandy Bingham

    Has anyone tested or looked into I would like to compare it to these others you have listed.

    Thanks for this great website.

  2. comment number 2 by: Mandee Follett

    I am trying a formula called SeMax. It is a homeopathic that you use through out the day and can continue to smoke until it starts to work. I will let you know how it works. I looked into Final Smoke and it seems over priced and complicated. But if it works than that is all that matters. I have herd good things about Lobelia tincture under the tongue every time you are craving one, and it helps curb the craving a lot and you can continue to smoke until your body responds to that one also. Both are safe and no side effects.

  3. comment number 3 by: admin

    Hi Sandy,

    Matter of fact, we have looked into Final Smoke. Looks good to us. However we have sent in requests to have a few questions answered, but nobody has ever gotten back to us. So unfortunately we cannot recommend them at this time without these answers. Mostly what is holding us back here is obviously the lack of customer support follow-up.


  4. comment number 4 by: admin

    Hi Mandee,

    Yes, please let us know how it works so we can look further into it as well.


  5. comment number 5 by: Dave

    Came across this website recently, haven’t purchased the book yet but I’ve been very impressed with the free report given out, some good tips and worth a try.

  6. comment number 6 by: admin

    Hi Dave,

    If you do order, please let us know how you make out.


  7. comment number 7 by: Teri Wood

    Do you have any information, pros / cons on a product Smoke Remedy by Living Well Remedies? I quit for 8 years cold turkey and have been trying to do the same currently, but it’s not working. I’ve tried the patch, wellbutrin, hypnosis, etc. and nothing seems to work. Perhaps if I can quit it will inspire my husband to do the same. I smoke perhaps 1/2 pack a day. He, on the other hand, smokes about 3 packs a day.

    Smoke Remedy also has a companion product that supposedly helps your lungs recover and they are selling as a package.

    Thanks for your help!

  8. comment number 8 by: admin

    Hi Teri,

    Unfortunately I don\’t have any information on Smoke Remedy and therefore cannot make a recommendation. However I did notice that most of the methods you have tried before are nicotine replacement items.

    Have you given our top recommended items a good look? They do work and they do not use NRT. I encourage you to send an email to them and get a feel for which program would work best for you.


  9. comment number 9 by: AMY

    Have you heard about or tested Zero Nicotine Patch? It claims to be herbal ingredients, formulated to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal while cleansing the system of all smoking-related toxins. I like the idea of it being a patch worn 24 hours and that it supposedly cleanses the system of all nicotine, but like all internet products I am hesitant to order it.
    Do you have any information on this product?


  10. comment number 10 by: admin

    Hi Amy,

    Yes, matter of fact we have. Even though they use a herbal system, they unfortunately didn\’t make our grade because our test support emails and inquiries either went unanswered or too way too long to be answered. So we simply chose not to include them. Not to say there is a anything wrong with the product, just that the support wasn\’t up to the standards we like to see.

    I think you\’ll find that our top products will fit the bill, especially the End the Habit product as it relies more on the mental aspect of quitting smoking and uses supplements to assist, whereas a lot of other products rely on high doses and little on mind conditioning.

    Do not concern yourself with ordering from the internet if you stick with our recommended products. I have never heard a complaint about delivery or efficacy. The same with Zero Nicotine. I have never heard a complaint.

    Hope that helps.


  11. comment number 11 by: Mandee Follett

    I tried the SeMax and I was not impressed with it’s ability to curb the craving. I went ahead and bought some herbal smokes called “Honey Rose” and I have been Smoking 1-3 of those a day when the craving to smoke is over whelming, but I have been nicotine free for 5 days. I have been able to quit up to 5 and a half years, in the past, by using an herbal brand of smokes. My want to smoke the herbal ones diminishes in 2 to 3 weeks. I know it’s not as good as quitting cold turkey but it works for me. I do like that your products offer the emotional support needed, as smoking is a a stress related habit. I went and researched smoking and mental health, and if the physical effects of smoking don’t scare you enough to quit, what it can do to your mental health scared me enough to stop as I have had Panic disorder for the last 4 years and have smoked during that time. 90 percent of schizophrenics are smokers WOW!!!!!

  12. comment number 12 by: Paul

    Has anyone tried the Smoke Remedy System?

  13. comment number 13 by: admin

    Hi Paul,

    We had someone else ask about this system, but never heard anything back about it yet.


  14. comment number 14 by: John

    Has anyone tried ‘Smoke Relief’ – I heard it on the radio and looked it up – It’s an electronic water vapor cigarette. You get their starter package for $9.99 shipping and then after 30 days they charge a $69.99 fee monthly until you cancel. The thing preventing me from trying it is that I have heard horror stories about people enrolling in different programs(not just for quitting smoking) but then they try to cancel and can’t.

    Please leave your thought is you have had any experience with this company.


  15. comment number 15 by: John Caetano

    Has any tried ‘Smoke Relief’? It’s a electronic water vapor cigarette – I want to try it but am skeptical of their ‘enrollment’ policy and canceling if I wanted to.


  16. comment number 16 by: Paul

    has anyone tried Smoke Remedy?

  17. comment number 17 by: Maina

    Please read or listen to ” Easy Way” by Allan Carr. It will change your life for the better. Maina from Kenya.

  18. comment number 18 by: Brenda Jones

    I have not tried Smoke Relief, but I have tried another electronic cigarette. I found it online. The offer was advertised as a Smoke51 product. I was not happy with it at all. When I inhaled I got A LOT of foul tasting liquid on my lips. When I tried to contact the company to get the RM# necessary to return it; I could not reach a live person. I got a recording with an e-mail address. This was of NO help! I sent numerous e-mails with the same generic response, & NO RM#. I finally mailed it back Priority Mail with notification of delivery. The company debited my account 3 times after they signed the delivery receipt. I found out through my bank, they also went by the name Easy Smoker as well as Smoke Anywhere in addition to Smoke51. All with the same address, but different phone#. When I called the alternate#, I heard the exact same recording. I filed a complaint with the BBB. I forwarded to them copies of the e-mails I sent trying to NO avail to get the RM#. I also forwarded the confirmation of delivery e-mail from the post office. My account has been credited all the charges except S&H. Lesson learned. BE VERY CAREFUL. FYI; the company was located : 3101 W. Hallandale Blvd Pembroke Park,FL. I have used other online trial offers for various things and absolutely No Problems

  19. comment number 19 by: Caroline

    Where can I get the lobelia inflata in NYC and how do I use it?

  20. comment number 20 by: admin

    Hi Caroline,

    You can get lobelia in most health food stores. That\’s the easy part.

    Getting the details on how to use it effectively with a rounded stop smoking program is the domain of the people who wrote and supply the programs that we recommend.

    If you have chosen to use lobelia as the supplement of choice in quitting smoking, then I would recommend the End the Habit program as it utilizes pure lobelia.


  21. comment number 21 by: John

    I am wondering if anyone has tried the e-book Quit Smoking Live Longer. Would really appreciate some insight.


  22. comment number 22 by: admin

    Hi John,

    I haven\’t seen it, but perhaps someone else might chime in.


  23. comment number 23 by: Tamara

    So I came across this product called Stop-It Smoking, they are Detoxifying Tablets that are homeopathic. I was wondering if you heard of this product and if actually helps detoxify? The company that

  24. comment number 24 by: admin

    Haven\’t heard Tamara. Sorry.

  25. comment number 25 by: dawn

    My sister has had success in quitting smoking with a mix of nicotine patches and an herb called Rhodeolla (not sure if that is the correct spelling but it is close). I am attempting my own road to quiting as of today. I have found that the rhodeolla herb does help with cravings and stress in just one day. This herb has also been used as a help for memory loss. I hope everyone that truly wants to stop smoking does.

  26. comment number 26 by: Lynn

    I tried final Smoke and it worked well to a point. It took away the cravings, but you have to take them every four hours and if you forget the cravings come right back.
    It also makes you sick if you cheet and smoke.
    If you can make sure you don’t miss a dose then it should work. Myself I always seem to forget.
    It needs to be one dose a day for me.

  27. comment number 27 by: Tom

    I’m big time into investing with MMUH and SFIO.
    MMUH just bought out a distributor from Floridia that owns the E-cig, E-Cigarette name. I see Smoke reliefe using this name too. Is this who Smoke relief buys from or is Smoke relief being imported by themselves with no middle man?

    I know a few who have quite vert sucessfuly with these.

  28. comment number 28 by: admin

    Hi Tom,

    Sorry, I am not really sure as I do not follow the electronic cigarette products at this time.


  29. comment number 29 by: admin

    Hi Dawn,

    We hope that everyone looking to quit finds a method that truly works for them. Very hard to explain the euphoria when you\’ve finally quit, but it is well worth it.


  30. comment number 30 by: admin

    Hi Lynn,

    Wasn\’t quite sure what to make of your comments, but it appears that using this product was not successful due to limitations of the program. Is that correct? If so, could you explain more fully what those limitations are.


  31. comment number 31 by: Loretta

    I need to know of a way to quit smoking as a heart patient I need something safe .Any suggestions ? Information would be appreciated .Thank you

  32. comment number 32 by: admin

    Hi Loretta,

    I believe you would be safe with any of the herbal formulations, especially lobelia. However I am not a physician and would recommend that you ask your doctor\’s opinion before beginning any program.


  33. comment number 33 by: Ann Staley

    I would like to offer a suggestion about the addiction and why many of the regular methods may not work. My husband and I both were smokers for more then 35 yrs.
    Three years ago, due to prices as well as concern over the amount of harmful additives in over the counter cigarettes, we began ordering online from a Native American site. Not only are the cigarettes about 1/3 price of name brands, but are 100% additive free.

    We immediately noticed withdrawal symptoms. Lasted about 7 days and while we did smoke more during that period, the symptoms were not near as severe as cold turkey from brand name cigarettes. But we refused to go back to commercial cigarettes.

    After wards, we never again had the ‘hard’ need to smoke. In fact, it was more the habit then addiction. We could go hours, day without the feeling of “having to smoke”.
    The few times we ran out before next order arrived, smoking our former name brand cigarettes was horrible. Its like we could taste the poisons, would end up with smokers cough, and just overall felt bad. All that would end as soon as we begin smoking our additive free ones.

    We believe our many other methods of trying to quit failed due to the fact they do not address nor affect the addictions of the many chemicals in commercial cigarettes.

    After withdrawing from the chemicals, it was much easier to quit without any aid (once we decided we wanted to quit).
    More like a step down method of quitting. Since the nicotine withdrawal was no way as intense as times before.

    All of this is only opinion and personal experience. Also, I am not posting this to promote the cigarettes we smoked.
    Only wanted to give another angle to the ‘why so hard to quit’ discussion. Since I have never read anything about the addiction to additives, nor any information on the withdrawl of additives.

  34. comment number 34 by: admin

    Hi Ann,

    Appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

    I have heard about additive free cigarettes but have not have any experience with them.

    Certainly it should be better than smoking name brands with the additives.

    Thanks for the tip.

  35. comment number 35 by: Kim

    I have heard from someone today there is a pill that you can take to make the taste of cigs taste extremely bad and that is how that person quite smoking but they cannot remember the name of it.

    Has anyone heard of this or tried this themself? Just curious.

  36. comment number 36 by: admin

    Hi Kim,

    Many pharmaceuticals make this claim. However if you are looking for the herb that does this, it is called lobelia inflata.

    This is the main ingredient in one of our five star programs – End the Habit. Give it a look.

    Best regards,

  37. comment number 37 by: Beth

    Have you heard of this?
    Nicocure Quit Smoking pills are a proprietary blend of all natural herbal ingredients to help you quit smoking without putting more nicotine into your body. Nicocure pills contain Lobelia Inflata extract which improves the respiratory tract and acts as an expectorant for the lungs. Lobelia Inflata also alters the taste of tobacco, making it unpleasant to the smoker.

  38. comment number 38 by: admin

    Hi Beth,

    Yes, we have heard of Nicocure. They are in fact now called Smoke Deter, one of the products we recommend. They have changed their formulation to be a liquid spray instead of pills.

    Also understand they have changed the blend of ingredients, so if you want to have a formulation with lobelia, please look at the End the Habit program as it uses pure lobelia in its product.

    And yes, I do believe that lobelia is as effective as it is claimed to be.


  39. comment number 39 by: david b


  40. comment number 40 by: admin

    Hi David,

    My advice would be to find a couple of stop smoking programs that appeal to you and then send an email to their support departments with a few questions.

    It will become apparent who is there to help you when the times get tough.


  41. comment number 41 by: Wally

    I quit smoking after 40 years (2 packs a day). My sister quit first through some Indian program where you hold different viles, one at a time and your body is cleared of certain things, then at last you do the tobacco vile and it worked. I thought it was a joke. She had to go to Connecticut (from New York) to get it done. I live in Florida and had to go to another County where there was a Doctor who specialized in it. I can’t remember the name, but, if anyone is interested, I’ll call my sister and ask.

  42. comment number 42 by: admin

    Hi Wally,

    Interesting. Never heard of anything like this. Would be interested to know the name.


  43. comment number 43 by: ana

    Hello everybody, I had finally quite smoking and this is amazing. I still have stress, but I try to manage it, I just walk for 1 hour a day. My advise to all smokers is to start slowly, don’t just quite next day. Try to smoke less, do not take cigarets with you everywhere, never smoke at home. Trust me, one day you will succeed. I was trying for one year until I quite. Good luck dear future non-smokers. I do not think you need any program. You were born free, not a slave of tobacco. So you have to manage yourself.

  44. comment number 44 by: admin

    Hi Ana,

    I am happy you quit smoking without assistance, but I must still recommend to my readers that they seek assistance as the quit rate for cold turkey is below 10%.

    Again, I am glad you quit and wish you all the best.


  45. comment number 45 by: Crissy

    Hi Wally! I would be interested to know what that was called that your sister did. I have heard of this before and it has worked. I friend did it for allergies and he no longer has those allergies. let us know if you can. Thanks.

  46. comment number 46 by: admin

    Hi Crissy,

    Hopefully Wally sees your post.


  47. comment number 47 by: Rachel

    Hi everyone,

    I quit smoking on March 5th, 2010. I used Laser to do it. The 1st 2 days were wonderful, the last 8 have been horrble. The craving is less & less but it’s been very difficult. I have yelled at my husband & my kids, I have even cried, but I havn’t given in. I want to but I havn’t. I just want to know how long will this feeling last? I have increased my water, my walking, I’ve cleaned out closets and behind kitchen appliances. I feel like I am going crazy. Is there anything I can do or take to help? I am so disappointed in myself for how hard this has been for me while I know people that claim it was so easy for them.

  48. comment number 48 by: admin

    Hi Rachel,

    You are lacking support. That is the main issue. Don\’t yell at your husband and kids, ask them to help you in the difficult times.

    Whatever you do, don\’t give in, it will only put you back at square one again.

    Your body does not need nicotine to survive. It will get easier.


  49. comment number 49 by: jenn

    i ordered the kit a few days ago. If you have questions please email me at jennlove1@Hotmail. Com. The kit kit seems to be working.

  50. comment number 50 by: michael

    anyone know about nicrx

  51. comment number 51 by: admin

    Haven\’t had any experience with that one. Please give us some feedback as to your experience if you go this route.


  52. comment number 52 by: admin

    Hi Jenn,

    Which program did you order? Would love to hear more details.


  53. comment number 53 by: nelle

    I am having good luk with blu cigs so far! great e-cig!

  54. comment number 54 by: jeff

    i have been using greennicotine for two months, not a cigarette since and no side effects. i feel great.

  55. comment number 55 by: admin

    Hi Nelle,

    Is this in an effort to quit smoking or just a convenience to be able to smoke where you normally couldn\’t?

    Not judging, just curious if they will actually break the habit as the only people I have met that use them, use them to smoke in more places, not to quit.


  56. comment number 56 by: admin

    As with other posts about e-cigarettes, are you using these to actually quit or as an alternative?

    We would like to hear how effective they are at quitting smoking. Any thoughts you can share?


  57. comment number 57 by: niane

    hi wally, i live in california and have tried every method to quit smoking. i would love to know the name of the program that you and your sister has tried with the viles, I dont know if there are any doctors in california that uses this method, but its worth a try. Thank you for all your information. Niane

  58. comment number 58 by: michelle

    i been taking champix for 12 weeks now and how long does it take to get out of you body

    please email me back pleasee


  59. comment number 59 by: admin

    Hi Michelle,

    I am assuming you mean Chantix? Once you stop taking it, it should clear your system in less than two weeks.

    You didn’t mention if you were successful in quitting. What was your experience with Chantix?


  60. comment number 60 by: Dave

    As far as ecigs go, I have used inLife electronic smoking device. It was good to smoke in places where I normally couldn’t, such as the car, but it didn’t help quiting. Also, the product was recommended by my doctor (who got a kickback as the website is kind of like a pyramid thing). After a few weeks it broke and the cartridges seemed to work less and less. The battery broke and the atomizer was only good for a few weeks. Not worth the expense in my opinion. Doesn’t help you quit and doesn’t help you enjoy smoking if it is broken. . . . . Other ecigs may be better, but they don’t help quiting. I still wanted to smoke as soon as I could.

  61. comment number 61 by: admin

    Thanks for your thoughts Dave.

    Not having much exposure to e-cigs, most people aren’t sure if they are helpful in quitting or not.

    Thanks again,

  62. comment number 62 by: Jblane

    I got this for my dad.
    It came in the mail for 9 dollars shipping and handling.
    Opened it to find out it’s little nicotine cartridges that get vaporized and sends
    condensed nicotine vapor into your lungs.

    Highly addictive more so than a regular cigarette, and lethal to children.
    This is a concentrated dose of nicotine, no one should be using this stuff.

    Your just substituting your cigarette addiction for smoke relief

    It’s a horrible scam, and I don’t see how the FDA allows them to get away with this.


  63. comment number 63 by: nikki

    I have just recently heard about a product smoke remedy this is a spray with no bad taste no side effects and is suppoese to be all natural. I am really cautious about stuff that I see i usually try to look up reviews but there are not i dont know if that is good or bad. I was wodering if any one hass tried this or heard and if there were any sucess stories i have been smoking for a long time and it kills me that I am having such a hard time my daughter hates that I smoke and I want t o quit but it seems no matter how hard I try I can not beat the craving

  64. comment number 64 by: admin

    Hi Nikki,

    Not familiar so much with Smoke Remedy, but Smoke Deter is a similar formulation that we have gotten a lot of good feedback on.

    We wish you all the best in quitting.

  65. comment number 65 by: admin

    We have heard rumblings from the FTC and the FDA regarding e-cigs, but have nothing much to add at this point until they have passed judgment.


  66. comment number 66 by: Renee

    I am interested in the Indian program to quit smoking. Any information would be helpful.

  67. comment number 67 by: Emily

    This is called champix and I have tried it. It works very well in regards to making cigarettes taste awful, but the side effects were awful. I was so confused, I felt like I was going crazy. I also felt the most depressed I ever have in my whole life. I would rather smoke.


  68. comment number 68 by: Teri Johnson

    I’ve heard about the E-cigs, but I’m not sure on trying it. I have talked to several of the company’s customer service people and they all say they are made in China. Using a Chineese made product is scary. You are inhaling their product into your lungs. Who knows what is in it. They don’t have good quality control with other products such as using lead paint on toys and plastic stuff in baby formula. Has anybody done any research on the contents of the product? What is in them?

  69. comment number 69 by: admin

    Lots of controversy around electronic cigarettes to be sure. Some say safe, some say not. Better just to quit smoking period and not worry about using either.


  70. comment number 70 by: Marilyn

    Where do I find your list of top 10 recommended quit smoking items?

  71. comment number 71 by: Jayne

    I have been smoke-free for almost 3 years due a great book called ‘The Easy Way to Stop Smoking’. I am 33 and was a smoker for 12 years before reading this book at the recommendation of a friend. My friend had been a smoker for over 40 years and the book worked for her. Since I have quit, I have found more and more people who have had success with this book. If you try it, really open your mind and don’t be cynical. It reminds me of a type of hypnosis, very repetitive in the message.

    Now, my husband is a different story. He is very intense and high-strung. I have no idea how to help him. He smokes half of a cigarette every 30 minutes and has severe hereditary cholesterol issues. Anyone have any ideas?


  72. comment number 72 by: admin

    Hi Marilyn,

    We don’t have a top 10…only the ones listed on the left.

    For what it’s worth, you don’t need 10, only 1 that works :-)

    We wish you the best,

  73. comment number 73 by: M.Allen

    Has anyone tried CigArrest. Or know anything other than Prescription that works well.

  74. comment number 74 by: M.Allen


    I would be interested in the name of that Indian program which worked for you and your sister.


    M. Allen

  75. comment number 75 by: admin

    Yes, the top products we list on this site work very well.


  76. comment number 76 by: Ginette

    Thanks for this informative site. I will be celebrating 3 years smoke free next month. YAY! I contribute my success to Chantix. I would be the Chantix poster child, if they had one! Not a single craving, irritiablity, weight gain, nothing! It was like I had never even smoked. Trust me, I did, for over 30 years. Please talk to your doctor if you have been thinking about quitting and are just scared to try. You may find yourself in the same fortunate, happier, healthier situation as me if Chantix is right for you. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain.

  77. comment number 77 by: Diane

    I have searched your site trying to find out who conducted the reviews. I was extremely interested in one of the products you listed until I did some research and found information about several of the herbs used in several of these programs being extremely toxic. Of course so is my smoking, but I would like to be successful in quitting and I won’t be if the product makes me ill.

  78. comment number 78 by: admin

    Hi Ginette,

    Glad you were successful. You’ll be much happier because of it :-)


  79. comment number 79 by: admin

    Hi Diane,

    I think you nailed it on the head there in admitting the cigarettes are far more toxic than any of the herbs used in any of the programs we recommend – which by the way are nowhere near as toxic as prescription based solutions.

    For what it’s worth, in four years of having this site, nobody has ever complained of any serious side effects to lobelia, nor have I heard of any.


  80. comment number 80 by: Donna

    Do you know if any reviews have been done on Nicodyne and NicRX. I saw them on but was wondering if you have reviewed these products before I buying one of them. Their review of Smoke Deter wasn’t very good and that was the one on your site you rated the highest

  81. comment number 81 by: admin

    Hi Donna,

    Have not had any experience with those two products, so can’t comment. But in regards to Smoke Deter, we have only heard good things, so must stand behind our review.


  82. comment number 82 by: Rick

    This works! I was going through some bad times 5 years ago and my doc put me on an anti-depressant called Wellbutrin. Generics are now available at $20 a month. After a week, I noticed my cravings had subsided and when I did light up, I didn’t get that nicotine rush I craved. After 3 weeks I was done with nicotine but continued the drug for another 2 months to rid myself of the mental need to smoke. Good stuff for most people. Good luck on quitting!


  83. comment number 83 by: admin

    Zyban is the stop smoking version of Wellbutrin.

    The only thing to be aware of is that the dosages prescribed for smoking are lower than for depression.

  84. comment number 84 by: Mister

    I just quit smoking cold turkey. It’s been the hardest couple of days of my life, but something that has helped me is “smoking” a zero nicotine e-cigarette. It doesn’t help with my nicotine cravings but it gives me the oral fix I’m craving. I know a lot of people use toothpicks or straws for the same thing, but the e-cig is working great for me!

  85. comment number 85 by: Cynthia Miller

    I was wondering if anyone in your circle has tried “Smoke Remedy”. If so, I would like to hear your feedback. I’m getting ready to try it. Contact my email address. All your input would greatly help in my quest to quit.

    Best regards and God bless.


  86. comment number 86 by: Tierri

    I am quiting with the Chantix also – third attempt to quit in the last three years – - – this has worked well for me as far as not smoking – - – but you really need to get a support network. I have been smoke free for two months and have come to realize how much I fought stress with cigarettes…..I know how stupid this sounds, but I work in a hi-stress environment and had to address the fact that when I get the worst cravings is generally when the stress ratchets up – so I leave my desk, find a quiet place in the warehouse and do 20 – 30 jumping jacks (this gets your heart rate up -the same thing that a cigarette will do and helps to blow off steam)…..I am going to quit long-term this time – I am fully committed to this (30 years a pack a day is plenty). The cigarette company does not own me – I am in control!!!!

  87. comment number 87 by: Mrs T

    I can’t use the pills or patches or gum, and have tried acupuncture (it helps) and the laser (did nothing for me). So far, though, I have not been successful quitting (sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it, lol). About 5 yrs ago I switched to an additive free brand (Winston makes one) and went through about 5 days of withdrawal. It was obviously withdrawal from all the additives. So now I just need to kick the nicotine. Over time, I have taken smoking out of most of my life, only allowing myself to smoke in one area of the garage, alone, and allow myself nothing to drink or do while I smoke that boring cigarette. In this way I have removed all associations with smoking (like a cup of coffee, for instance). I feel ready to quit now.

    I thought maybe someone might have experience to share about Smokers Remedy.

  88. comment number 88 by: Dalene

    I just wondered who you represent? Are you affiliated with smoke deter?

  89. comment number 89 by: admin

    Hi Dalene,

    We only recommend programs where the support people respond in a timely fashion and customer feedback has been positive.

    Sadly, there have been a few products who used to be on our site in the past, but have lacked in these areas after review and have been removed.

    If you have any products you feel should be reviewed, please let us know.

  90. comment number 90 by: Kim

    I quit with ecigs. Wasnt that hard a for some reason I wasn’t craving the ecig like I did real cigs. Don’t know why but this is common. I quit the ecigs because I thought they wete not helping my insomnia. That wasn’t too bad getting off nicotine altogether but you have to hasn’t the right mind set. I did not tell myself I was quitting just not using nicotine for today. V then today became tomorrow and the fashions got less. allan carrs book helps. I should not hadn’t done this without the ecigs. I tried once with zyban and the lozenge and lasted only half a day.

  91. comment number 91 by: Damon

    Ok so I tried almost everything imaginable and nothing seemed to work. One of my friend told me about acupuncture treatment and that it really works, but I’m kind of skeptical about it. Has anyone tried it? If so how has it worked for you? I was also considering hypnosis. Would that be an effective method?

  92. comment number 92 by: admin

    Hi Damon,

    Hate to say it, but it sounds like you are looking for ‘someone else’ to quit for you. If you are thinking acupunture or hypnosis are going to automatically turn your smoking off, you are bound to be disappointed. As with all things, you need to believe and be committed to making them work before they actually will.

    Whatever it is that you try next, make it your last attempt and follow through. You won’t die from not smoking. Nobody ever has.


  93. comment number 93 by: Tricia

    I’ve smoked for 35 years (I’m 51). I’ve gone back and forth from a pack a day in my earlier years to 4/6 cigarettes/day. I’ve stopped when I was pregnant, I don’t smoke in front of my kids.
    I recently spent $350 for a hypnotist who “guarantees” results. I remember everything about the session, including the suggestion he’d given my that he said I would not remember.
    But that night I quit. Nothing to do with the $350 session. In the mail was the results of my chest xray. I have COPD. If I don’t stop smoking, I’ll eventually die from a disease where I finally suffocate.
    I have two kids, 9 and 20. I’m a single mom. I have to stop smoking now, there is no choice. It’s been 10 days. Would enjoy a cigarette right now but it’s not about me. Time to suck it up and quit being so self-indulgent. In the end, no one can make the decision to quit but you. It’s all about willpower and understanding addiction.

  94. comment number 94 by: admin

    Hi Tricia,

    Wow…an unfortunate way to get yourself to quit, but we are all glad you did.

    Take care of yourself.


  95. comment number 95 by: Jenn

    Hello everyone. As someone who smoked for almost 15 years and quit (recently celebrating my 10 year smoke-free anniversary!!), I thought you might be interested in an article I wrote about quitting smoking. I don’t know if how I quit will positively work for you, but it could (and I hope so). Good luck to all of you and stick with it. Don’t give up on yourself!!!

  96. comment number 96 by: admin

    Thanks for the input Jenn

  97. comment number 97 by: chris

    Wellbutrin always worked for me, but made me extremely moody. Once I quit and weened off Wellbutrin the cravings eventually came back and I was smoking again. I’m definitely going to try one of the plans listed here and try again. I’ve stopped and started so many times over the years it seems like a constant battle trying to find something that really works. Glad I found this site! Thanks guys!

  98. comment number 98 by: admin

    Hi Chris,

    I agree. Wellbutrin is decent, but does have different effects on individuals.

    But I would also have to agree that the proof is in the pudding and if you can’t stay quit long term, then another method is necessary.

  99. comment number 99 by: Teri

    I came to this site to see if anyone had any information on Smoke Remedy, but I see no one does. One thing I do know is that regular cigarettes have so many additives that they make you crave them, it’s not just the nicotine – that is why it is so hard to quit smoking. I have gone from a 2 pack a day smoker to a 1/2 a pack a day by switching to an additive free cigarette. Now I am ready to take the final step and give them up for good. But like others I can’t take the Wellbutrin because I am on other medication it interferes with, I can’t do the gum (TMJ), I can’t do the patches (they give me really bad headaches when I wear them) and Chantix makes me so nauseated I feel as if I want to puke 24 hours a day, so….I guess I will just perservere with cutting down from 1/2 a pack a day to none a day, one step at a time.

    I am trying to show my husband that it can be done, as he needs to quit too (he is a heart patient, but he has given up salt, fat, and excess water all in the past year, and is so depressed I am afraid if I push him to far with giving up cigarettes to quickly, he will give up on life itself).

    Wish me luck.

  100. comment number 100 by: Richard

    I read a review somewhere(can’t find where i seen it now) that said they did a study and the highest percent of smokers quit using the patch and the lozenge together. I thought i would give it a try but the lozenges say not to take if using the patch. Can anyone give any helpful info on this matter. Thank you and good luck to those of us trying to kick the habit.

  101. comment number 101 by: admin

    Hi Richard,

    A bit scary to answer that if both products are delivering nicotine to your system. Could be quite a bit more than your body is used to and cause issues. I would say the benefit of the lozenges would be to curb the physical habit.

    I would suggest you use non-nicotine based candies instead, but please check with your doctor for their opinion.

  102. comment number 102 by: admin

    Hi Teri,

    Only my opinion, but the side effects you describe are exactly why we recommend herbal stop smoking products.

    Why don’t you give one of those a try instead of just ‘trying’ to cut down.


  103. comment number 103 by: John

    On my first attempt at quitting cold turkey, I made it 13 days. It was actually pretty easy at first but then I started experiencing pretty severe withdrawal symptoms. I became highly agitated and pretty miserable overall. On day 13, I decided I’d had enough and bought a pack. I smoked that pack and decided to quit cold turkey again. This time, I only made it 6 days. This pattern continued for a few weeks where I would stop for several days, give in, smoke a pack over several days, stop for several days, give in, etc.

    What I noticed was that every time I would drink alcohol, the craving would get 10 times worse and I could not fight it. The last time that I gave in, I got so upset with myself that I threw the remaining cigarettes in the pack in the trash and vowed to quit for good, even if I had to stop drinking alcohol. Tomorrow will be the 35th day in a row that I’ve gone without smoking but I didn’t have to give up alcohol.

    I don’t want to say that I won’t ever smoke again but I hope I never do. I feel like this time I have really quit because I’ve made it this long and have no more cravings. I feel much better, I can breathe much better, my sinuses don’t bother me nearly as bad as before, I don’t stink like smoke, I’m not throwing that money away and the list of benefits just goes on and on.

    II would like to make a couple of points that I feel like are very important to those who may be considering quitting: First of all, if you try quitting cold turkey and give in to the craving and smoke, don’t consider it a total failure and DON’T beat yourself up too bad. Just get your “fix” and then go on to attempt #2. It took me several weeks of quitting and starting back and stopping again before it finally “clicked” for me.

    The other thing is, if you like to drink beer on a semi-regular basis like I do- you may find that you can do really well in your attempt to stop smoking UNTIL you have a beer or two or ten. You may find that your alcohol of choice- liquor or wine- has the same affect but the tip I’m about to give is for beer drinkers and specifically U.S. domestic beer drinkers. I’m convinced that all of these beers have some weird connection to make you want to smoke more. I don’t know how or why but I believe it’s true.

    Well, let me tell you a little secret that helped me out and got me over the hump so that I didn’t have to give up beer drinking as well as cigarettes: I switched to pale ale and india pale ale style beers. These are very “hoppy” and have a somewhat bitter taste but they didn’t make me crave a cigarette like my domestic brand did. I enjoy the taste (amazing how your taste buds improve) and so I’d recommend trying this route if you’re having the same trouble.

    Good luck to all of you who are trying to quit and be encouraged because after smoking at least a pack a day for the last 14 years of my life, I did it. If I can do it, you can too.

  104. comment number 104 by: Bill Bicksler

    I’ve been smoking for 61 years now. I have never had a cough and have never been sick. The thought of quitting terrifies me. The cost of it has become prohibitive. I now pay more for a carton of cigarettes than I paid for my first car. I feel like an idiot each time I buy them. I have no desire to quit but I very much wish I didn’t smoke. I’m thinking now of quitting and even the thought of it depresses me.

  105. comment number 105 by: admin

    Yes, scary to think of how much money you have invested in ‘smoke’ over 61 years, isn’t it.

    Cost is as good as reason as any to quit. Don’t let it depress you, let it excite you by all the things you can do with the extra finances.


  106. comment number 106 by: John Sthoo

    Quitting smoking is easy once you look at it the right way. Dont think about how you want a cigarette. When the craving comes simply do something else in its place like think of a bill or something that needs to be done. Eventually this will become a habit and you will learn to do without them

  107. comment number 107 by: Laurie Dillard

    Please email me information on your devicve, the succes rate and the cost. Thanks Laurie Dillard

  108. comment number 108 by: Ariel T

    I have been a smoker for 6 years now. I am a 20 year old mother of a 3 year old boy. i am absolutely terrified of the next few days without a cigarette. i have decided to quit cold turkey and now 24hrs into it i need suggestions on great remedies for withdrawals that will not affect my bipolar meds. thank you so much

  109. comment number 109 by: admin

    Hi Ariel,

    The simple fact is that your body does NOT require nicotine to survive. There is absolutely nothing it is necessary for. The only thing smoking is doing is causing an unhealthy environment for you and your son. So stay stopped for the both of you. It is so worth it!


  110. comment number 110 by: admin

    Hi Laurie,

    We don’t actually sell any products, simply recommend those that we feel will give you the best chances of quitting.

    Please feel free to contact the product suppliers via their respective websites.


  111. comment number 111 by: admin

    Good advice!

  112. comment number 112 by: Wendy

    my husband and i have tried everything to quit. Chantix gave me severe hot flashes(im only 41) it gave him night terrors. he tried it 3 times. hypnotis (nope) Patch (nope) I probably could if he would quit. He has to quit or die! He has severe COPD, Cancer and only one lung working. Im sick of the taste and the hack in the morning. I saw the add about smoke remedy. was thinking of that because he is on so many meds. 15 a day 2 times a day. I know he cant take herbal things the mess with his meds. I tried cold turkey. My dog wouldnt even come near me, i was so grumpy. Has anyone heard about Smoke remedy? This is the second time my husband has been hospitalized this year. It is mostly because as soon as he gets out after 5-6 days he gets someone to buy him smokes! then he smokes 2 packs a day. CO2 gets to high and he has to go back in! I hate this addiction! Please I am desperate to find something for him! Once he quits i can. If he doesnt quit he wont make 2012! Please someone let me know of something that will help with the cravings. Hes been smoking for over 40 years! Hes 53 Please HELP!

  113. comment number 113 by: CATHY

    on the 15th of jan 2011 i’ve decided to not buy cigs anymore so now i only smoke 1 cig a day by asking people who do smoke and even that i usually smoke half than throw it away…… i’m 45 now and smoked well over 20yrs……. does anybody out there have a clue about the SMOKE REMEDY at all……. i’m very interested more on the lung spray and does it even work thank you

  114. comment number 114 by: admin

    Smoke Remedy and Smoke Deter appear to use the same method of sublingual delivery. Give that a look.

  115. comment number 115 by: admin

    Wendy, as much as it pains me to say this, you NEED to confer with your doctor about other alternatives available because of his heavy prescription load. Guessing with herbal supplements when you are on that many meds is not something to guess with.

  116. comment number 116 by: CoachDsWife

    My husband and I quit smoking cigarettes, cold turkey, on 11/15/10, after smoking 20-30 years. We were shelling out $105 per week on cigarettes. I looked up E-Cigarettes and settled on the Smoke Stik at $107 for 2 battery ends and 8 cartridges, carrying case and 2 chargers (1 USB, 1 wall outlet). The cartridges lasted us 3-4 weeks. We quit by the 4th week. The nicotine in the vapor “made do” for the craving and non-angst. With both of us having a “mindset” we managed to quit between week 3 and 4. I figured 21 days to break a bad habit. The Smoke Stiks paid for themselves in just over a week. We do get an occasional hankering to smoke, but we just don’t cave. There are better and more costly E-Cigs out there, but maybe, this will do it for y’all. Best of Luck to all of you!

  117. comment number 117 by: admin

    Glad you quit regardless of which method, however with all the recent hoopla with the FDA over E-cigs, we cannot recommend them.

    Hopefully there is a standard and testing instated for them like there is for pharmaceuticals and supplements. And once that is in place, we would be more than happy to recommend the approved solutions.

  118. comment number 118 by: David

    I would like to warn people about the billing practices of many of the E-Cig. products out there. I first called and placed an order with a company advertising as EZ Smoker, which uses water vapor. They insisted on trying to sell me into a “Coupon Plan”, which i absolutely had no interest in. The guy on the phone told me… “awww… thats how i make my money”. I told him i still wasnt interested and that I only wanted the product that was advertised WITH ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORIZATION FOR ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES WHATSOEVER. He took my cc info for the offer which was $9.95 for shipping and handeling and $40.05 for the 1 month trial. Needless to say, since he wasnt able to sell me anything else… The product was never sent and no charges was taken from my account. VERY SHADY COMPANY!!
    I also looked into Direct ECig Electronic Cig. The website offered a free 14 day trial- pay only $4.95 S+H. Before ordering, I called the company to verify that there would be absolutely NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!! I was then told that after the 14 day period… I would be charged $109.00!! the cost of the supplies for the “free 14 day trial”!!
    These Companies seem to be very predatory and take advantage of the fact that someone wants to stop smoking badly. I am really suprised that more people havnt come foward and complained about the predatory billing procedures that these companies practice!!

  119. comment number 119 by: admin

    Thanks for the heads up David.

  120. comment number 120 by: Paul Cote

    Dear Chris I am willing to try any product that does not contain Nicotine i just lost a brother to throat cancer and i don’t want to travel down that road by the way my E-Mail address is Please anything your have heard at all that has a chance to work im willing to try Please let me know if you have any suggestions 40 years has been long enough for me. Thank you again for any idea’s you may have.Sincerly Paul cote

  121. comment number 121 by: carmelo tonna

    i am 68 years old, and have been smoking cigarettes since i was 18, gragually increasing, my quantity every day, to day is the the 3rd of march, 2011, and i smoke 5 packets of 20 a day.please do not get me wrong, i am in no way showing off my bad habit, i am furious that i can not give it up,, i smoke silk cut silver, 1mg tar,,,,1mgnicotine,,,,1mg co.i think is the lowest. i am from the island of MALTA in the meditteranen, i am maltese, by birth, all i can say is that i am 100% healthty, and i have nothing to do in cigareetes, bussiness, whatsoever, ONE THING I BELIEVE IN IS, THAT IF I DON,T SMOKE, I LIVE TO BE??????????????? BYE EVERBODY.

  122. comment number 122 by: admin

    Hi Carmelo,

    I don’t think you’ll find too many people who are looking for more excuses to justify their smoking around here. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    Just thought I would let you know.


  123. comment number 123 by: Lynda

    Hi Wally!
    Would LOVE to know what this process is called. I live in Canada and would love to see if something like this is available here. I am 3 days into quitting, I have never felt like such a sack of you know what in my life….I am so depressed and just want to crawl into bed. yuck :( I am on the patch, it’s a first for me, and it seems to help a WEEEE bit w/ the cravings, but it’s the mental part I think that is messing w/ me :S
    Appreciate any info Wally :) Cheers!

  124. comment number 124 by: admin

    Hi Paul,

    Neither of our top recommended products contain nicotine. So we would certainly recommend those.


  125. comment number 125 by: Elizabeth Birdthistle

    Greetings from Ireland on St Patricks Day when I am really craving a Marlboro as festivities are abundant! I am just under a week off the dreadful cancer sticks and find this site so reassuring to know that I am not alone. I find two issues quite outstanding, firstly that giving up cigarette addiction seems to be on a par with class A drug addiction and maybe it is time governments addressed this rather than earning taxes from sales. Secondly. Chris, whoever you are thank you for taking years to address the issues and concerns by responding to so many of us that are in this boat that can at times, feel like the Titanic. Your concern and attention is inspiring.

  126. comment number 126 by: admin

    Hi Elizabeth,

    We are all happy for you. Keep it up.


  127. comment number 127 by: Kate

    I saw the advertisement for Smokeremedy the other day. so I put it in my search engine and came up with a couple scams. I thought you should know. I will be 56 in May and have been smoking on and off since I was 14. Being Bipolar I have an anxiety problem which doesn’t help. Also since my depression part went away I have trouble with hypomanics and thats when my smoking gets worse. I need something without a stimulant.

  128. comment number 128 by: admin

    Even though Smoke Remedy is not one of our recommended programs, we have not heard of any scam complaints. Could you please elaborate.


  129. comment number 129 by: rachel blankenship

    has any one tried quit your nic ? i orderd it today just woundering if it realy works

  130. comment number 130 by: admin

    Hi Rachel,

    Never heard of it. Let us know how you make out.


  131. comment number 131 by: Rachel

    Hey well I’m on my 3 rd day of my program and it seems to work the second day I broke down a smoked two cigs but none today the pills really work I don’t even have a craven for a cigarette today I’ll keep y’all posted Rachel

  132. comment number 132 by: admin

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Can you give us more details please.


  133. comment number 133 by: Floyd

    Hello everyone….! I’m glad I found this site, I’m on my 2nd day of quitting cold turkey and its getting harder. When does the easy part come?…lol…. The thing that keeps me from lighting up is just thinking about all the health problems that come along with it and that I want to be around to see my kids grow up….

  134. comment number 134 by: admin

    Hi Floyd,

    It only gets easier. Keep up the good fight and you will get to see it firsthand :-)


  135. comment number 135 by: april

    My husband and I are quitting. I am researching different angles for quitting, one that interest me is Nic RX any opinions?

  136. comment number 136 by: admin

    Hi April,

    We have not evaluated NicRX, so cannot provide any opinion at this time. Perhaps another user can give us some feedback.


  137. comment number 137 by: Floyd

    Hi…Just an update… I am on my 23rd day today and still smoke free!! I am not really having anymore cravings, well a few here and there but nothing I can’t handle. Oh and by the way I smoked a pack a day for 20 years. I feel like a new person…..

  138. comment number 138 by: mindy

    I smoke about 2 packs a day and i smoke anytime i m stressed, crave it u name it. I ran out of a pack and flipped. I am very severe. I get the gitters if i go more than an hour without a smoke. I flip out when i dont smoke. Is there anything that will let me smoke at first then let me down slowly so that i can quit. Also if it could make me sicker than a dog so that i wont smoke?

  139. comment number 139 by: admin

    Hi Mindy,

    Lobelia does this…it is one of the reasons we recommend it. Based on what you are looking for, I would recommend End the Habit over Smoke Deter, BUT the big thing is that you have to be ready and willing to quit.

    There is NO product or program out there that will make you quit without you believing that you can.

    But you can do it!


  140. comment number 140 by: Lorrie

    I found a natural non smoking aid called Kic Your Nic has a very reasonable cost but can”t find any reviews on it. Do you have any knowledge concerning this product?

  141. comment number 141 by: admin

    Hi Lorrie,

    Sorry, no, we have not heard of this product before. Perhaps another reader may have some experience and can chime in.


  142. comment number 142 by: JohnR

    This does seem like a really good site… congrats for helping a lot of people.

  143. comment number 143 by: admin

    Thanks John, we try our best to cut through and keep the options simple.


  144. comment number 144 by: Laurence

    I’ve targeted July 9th as my ‘Start Day’ (start my non smoking life day). Stumbled upon your site and have read all the comments, and wanted to say that just knowing others- indeed many others- are out there doing it makes me feel better and stronger in my resolve. A great site! Thankyou!

  145. comment number 145 by: admin

    Hi Laurence,

    Thanks for sharing. We are all rooting for you and wishing you all the best.


  146. comment number 146 by: josh

    john smoke relief,…….., was the worst thing i have ever tryed it hurt my troat and gave me head aches and it was absolitely nasty i dont recomend it!!!!!

  147. comment number 147 by: admin

    Thanks for your thoughts Josh. Hadn’t heard of that product before.


  148. comment number 148 by: Lisa

    Does anyone used the quitting smoking products from Native Remedies? I ordered the Smoker’s Ultrapack for my husband…I hope it works!

  149. comment number 149 by: Janet

    Hi. I’ve been trying to completely quit for the last 10 years. I have smoked off and on for 22 years. I ordered Smoke relief and it did not do anything for me. Worst product I ever bought. So, I am very hesitant about ordering stp smoking products right now. I thought if I could find a herbal non-nicotene cigarette in a cherry flavor, I could cut the nicotene addiction and slowly quit. I have also tried the Nic patch and committ and didn’t work. AFter 3 days of struggling, I started again. But I haven’t given up and never will.

  150. comment number 150 by: hannah

    The treatment with the vials sounds like NAET..a lot of chiropractors and naturopaths use it to cure allergies and sensitivities.. guess its some form of it..your body will act like a divining rod..telling u if something is good or bad for u.. leaning forward or back… With the vials…ur arm will b weaker with the vial that is ur allergen in!!

  151. comment number 151 by: admin

    Hi Janet,

    Best advice we can give is to stop trying to find the magic pill that will ‘make’ you quit.

    There is a reason we only recommend a few products. They contain the ingredients we feel actually help folks to curb the habit. And in particular, a program like End the Habit that provides extensive mental preparation to help you succeed.

    As a last note, smoking herbal cigarettes most likely would not help you quit as the actual habitual part of smoking is still present.


  152. comment number 152 by: jeffspirit

    Hey everyone. Gonna stop again, this time is (thinking), gosh probably five? Times? What has been bad for me is stopping for the wrong reasons. 1994 believe it or not stopped cold turkey, succeeded. Reason was lost my good job.

    However valid that was, was not enough. Two years later money came back with another better job, so did the smokes, obviously something was on my mind ( a German older lady told me that. )

    Anyway have found this true for me. I must have a darn good reason other than losing my lungs, or my life, yep. Got to be better than that. Darn it.

    And believe it or not again, it’s the money thing again as I am unemployed right now. So while this is an addition again ( too many agains ), am gonna stop again. This time I’m committed though, with an all around attack to stay stopped. That means quit to me. Quit to me is never smoke again. If not that, folks just stop for a few.

    Last time I threw out the smokes, but forgot the lifestyle adaptation inclusive to the all in all. I did succeed mind over cig, but the technique to just stay stopped was because of lack of funds at the time. So as long as money was sparse, I stayed stopped. Smokes came back later when available currency abounded/rebounded that I can afford to smoke again.

    This time not gonna do that. I have the advantage again, am gonna use that against the smokes, meaning using the cutback of this and that, use that to make it permanent. Not just a long term temporary like I did last time. Will work at this doing this or die trying.

    I’m not a believer in gold rule for me, meaning I care about money to rule my life, or reverse to that, but will use that gold rule negotiated that it finds me slacking/lacking/backing myself to up the down to become a down and out count with these darn nic sticks that have ruled my life for darn near 45 years! Good God!

    I started for real in my near pre-teen years. One of the few whose been doin’ this that long. Gesh.

    So in a couple of days will joint ( not dope! ) an adventure to rule out smokes. Have two packs still and am gonna throw in the towel this time to boot.

    I wish myself luck, time, call upon good spirits as well. Heaven help me too.

    Okay too long comment, but will remember this place, and post shorter comment to let ya know how I’m doing in a few.

    Great site admin man. And don’t know yet what/if I’ll use a product to help curb going off the nic sticks. Later.

  153. comment number 153 by: Mike

    Admin, I don’t know if you’ve yet looked into e-cigarettes… but I have.

    Of the several websites that sell e-cigs that I’ve checked out, there is almost always some sort of warning, disclaimer, or FAQ that says (not always in as many words) e-cigarettes are NOT made for, advertised as, tested for, approved for, or recommendable for nicotine cessation.

    They’re simply a (somewhat) healthier and less expensive nicotine delivery method. The main appeal is that a smoker can smoke an e-cig in most places where smoking is prohibited.

  154. comment number 154 by: admin

    Thanks for the information Mike. We had not considered them as a cessation method as they don’t have full governmental approval in some places.

  155. comment number 155 by: BG mail

    Hiya very nice web site!! Man .. Excellent .. Superb .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally…I’m satisfied to find a lot of helpful info right here in the post, we need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing.

  156. comment number 156 by: mary cline

    has anyone ever heard of using blackroot to stop smoking?

  157. comment number 157 by: mike

    after 35 years of smoking i finally quit on easter weekend of 2011 cold turkey am still smoke free after all these months only advice i can give after trying many times and ways to quit is that the day will come when you want to quit and you will just do it !! so good luck to all out there trying and i know you will suceed.

  158. comment number 158 by: admin

    Thanks for your positive input Mike!

  159. comment number 159 by: Anne

    I want to quit smoking. I used to be able to have an easier time of it. I stopped smoking when I was 19 and went back to it after a year and a half of having a job at a daycare! Wish I never went back to it. I have also bought loads of sugar free gum and chewed the heck out of it before. Now I feel like it is harder, but I still have hope. Another method is to excercise whenever you get a craving. I did that when I was 16, and jogged around a park every morning in the cold. It hurts your lungs so much that it makes you want to quit. Maybe I’ll try that one again. :)

  160. comment number 160 by: admin

    Hi Anne,

    We all wish you the best of luck.


  161. comment number 161 by: amy

    CHANTIX is the BEST!!!! Saved my life!!

  162. comment number 162 by: kim vorhees

    I have tried muermous time witht he nicotine replacement patch (stroe brand) cheaper. Is there a difference in the the name brand than store brand

  163. comment number 163 by: kim vorhees

    for somereason i felt tthe stpre brand reason helped better is it all in my mind or what somebvody plese help being smoking since 14yrs of age an am now 42

  164. comment number 164 by: admin

    Hi Kim,

    Doubtful there is any intrinsic difference in the brands…simply the name.


  165. comment number 165 by: admin

    I do think this is in your mind, however you stated that you have tried and failed with this method many times – why do you keep going back to the patch when it clearly isn’t going to work for you?

    My suggestion would be to try a program like End the Habit that deals more with the psychology of quitting rather than just using replacement therapy.


  166. comment number 166 by: admin

    Hi Amy,

    Glad to hear it worked for you!


  167. comment number 167 by: emma

    Use the Allen Carr Easuway method – It is the best, easiest and most effective method by far! Good luck – its worked for me. 20 a day to nothing overnight and I didnt even have a craving. You probably think thats impossible and that Im not a real person but I promise you I am and I dont work for them either. You will be so much happier as a non-smoker but only if you quit in the right way – you dont want to be craving for the rest of your life which I expect you wi ll be if you use replacement therapy etc. Good luck all!

  168. comment number 168 by: emma

    Also, please remember that smoking will only ever make a bad situation worse and a good situation bad…example…my friend stopped smoking on Monday, on wednesday she had a big row with her boyfriend and was about to go and buy a packet of cigarettes when she remembered that sentence – she was in a bad situation with her BF but if she smoked she would feel worse that she had given in! Also, say your out having a great time with friends but you decide to give in and have a cigarette – thats just gonna make you feel sad that you did!

  169. comment number 169 by: Johnny

    I need a recommendation for a program that is nicotine free. I purchased the electronic cigarette from Smoke Assist. It is a good substitute, but then I read that the vapor contains nicotine.
    Also to the individual above that says they get a bitter liquid from their electronic cigarette….I also got that, but just once. I had tilted the unit upside down for too long. The electronics DO have a nicotine containing fluid and can taste bitter. Store your elctronic cigarettes with what would be the burning end down. NOW, about the nicotine free help….any advice ??

  170. comment number 170 by: admin

    Hi Johnny,

    Both of the top recommended programs on the site are nicotine free. Either will work for you.


  171. comment number 171 by: admin

    Glad to hear it worked for you Emma!

  172. comment number 172 by: V M dave

    Dear sir,

    I gave up smoking more than a year back, but a friend told to give the advice, so I thought I would, where-ever I could.

    Leaving smoking is easier than drinking sour soup.

    Step no 1 :– when ever you start, break/cut the cig. in half and smoke only half of it, ( no one needs a full length king’s to get a kick ).
    It becomes your style and you come to be known by this style ! same as people appreciate a body-builder and people apprciate that
    you smoke only half, it gives you a good kick.

    Step no 2 :– After this has become your style/habit, change the brand, go for a lighter brand and keep the style.

    Step no 3 :– One day you will look at the cig and throw it because it no longer gives you a kick, because you don’t need one ! You are used to a half+lighter cig.
    it becomes inefective, because you no longer need it, you can go with-out a cig now.!!

  173. comment number 173 by: admin

    Thanks for being an inspiration to others!

  174. comment number 174 by: SJ Hunt

    Question to All: I stopped smoking in the 90s for two months. An accident on the Ortega Highway in Southern California that kept us waiting for four hours got my head going, I had a smoke, and have now been back for too many years.

    At that time there was a small divide, the size of a credit card. For the first two weeks it registered your craving. Every time you had cig you pushed the button. After two weeks it would beep and tell you when to smoke. Long story short. By the end of the two weeks I was not smoking. I didn’t even ‘want’ the last one but did anyway. Then it was over.

    I AM LOOKING FOR THIS DEVICE. HAS ANYONE, ANYWHERE, HEARD OF THIS. IT WAS AROUND IN THE EARLY 90s. I just can’t remember the name and want to do it again. It was the “only” aid that worked because it decreased the dependence slowly and it worked.

    Thanks for any advice, comments, or answers.

  175. comment number 175 by: SJ Hunt

    SJ Hunt with a correction to comment 174:

    CORRECTION: The word “divide” in the second paragraph should have been “device.”

  176. comment number 176 by: lucia

    I’m 18 years old, and i want to quit smoking, but i tried by myself and doesn’t work so i need professional help. does this method actually works? i will like to hear real stories :)

  177. comment number 177 by: Terri

    I took chantix to quit smoking, but had to stop taking it because of the side effects. I was getting fits of rage a few times a day and nite sweats were waking me up. my doctor said the side effects could of been from the chantix and nicotine withdraw. I don’t know. I really do want to quit but do not want the fits of rage or depression. what would you suggest? which of the top two would work better for the mood?

  178. comment number 178 by: Dianne


    I used Zyban tablets to stop. Siggies tastes terrible when you take the pills.
    It is a 1 to 3 month course but obviously the 3 month is the best option.

  179. comment number 179 by: admin

    Hi Lucia,

    It is good that you have identified the need to quit while you are still young and before 30 years of smoking have gone by.

    There are many success stories utilizing the methods recommended. The best thing for you to do is review each one and visit their website; and then choose the one that best suits you.


  180. comment number 180 by: admin

    Hi Terri,

    Both are based on natural supplements and do not cause extreme side effects like you are describing. So either should work for you.


  181. comment number 181 by: Selva Kumars


    This is very useful and thanks for identifying it.

  182. comment number 182 by: Sarah D.

    Hi everyone,

    I am 20 years old and after smoking a pack a day for 5 years, I have been able to quit! Although I have not smoked for merely a month, I feel no urge to pick up a cigarette and risk the time I’ve built up. I have attempted to quit before and failed because I didn’t really want to quit! One day I decided that I finally hated smoking and threw away my cigarettes and bought Nicorette Mini-Lozenges. Unlike bigger lozenges, I have found that these don’t taste horrible and are discrete enough to use all day. They weren’t great for the first day, but I have fallen in love with them and am slowly weening myself off as to end my addiction to nicotine.

    Aside for the nicotine aid, I have been saving the money that I would otherwise spend on cigarettes. I have also found it very helpful to tell all of my friends and family that I have decided to quit smoking so I can have their support.

    Good luck everyone!


  183. comment number 183 by: admin

    Congratulations Sarah!

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